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9 Tips On How To Take Care Of Your Sewing Machine.

1. Always use a good quality thread such as Gutermann. Better quality threads tend not to cause as much lint build up as a poor quality thread. Try not to be tempted to use old threads no matter how appealing they look. You will not achieve an even stitch when using them.

2. Always check that you have threaded the machine correctly. Refer to your instruction manual if you are unsure how to thread the sewing machine.

3. Always make sure that your needle in inserted correctly into the machine. The eye of the needle is not at the front of all machines.

4. Always make sure that your needles are sharp and not bent. Run your fingernail down and off of the end of the needle, if you feel the slightest burr as your finger nail goes over the tip then replace the needle. I purposely break the needle to stop myself reusing the needle again. You can see if the needle is bent by spinning it between your forefinger and thumb. We sell Schmetz needles which are very high quality and have a suitable needle for every sewing project.

5. When sewing never pull the work through from behind as it is easy to bend the needle. By taking care of your sewing machine and not jolting, banging and bumping it (especially if you take it to classes) you really will benefit in the long term!

6. Always remember to oil your machine. You must use sewing machine oil it is much thinner than many other types of oil. Again refer to the instruction manual if you are unsure. However try not not to over oil your machine, it won’t thank you for that either.

7. Clean out the lint from under the needle plate. But please don’t get over zealous and start taking the sewing machine apart to clean it. This is best left to the professionals for obvious reasons!

8. Do invest in a dust cover for your machine. Dust is not a friend of your sewing machine.

9. Finally do have your sewing machine serviced at least once a year. If you use your machine regularly get it serviced every 6 months and if you use it commercially we recommend that you have your machine serviced every three months. We all need a little care and attention once in a while to reboot our batteries and so does your sewing machine! We offer an in house servicing and repairs service for all makes of sewing machines and overlockers at Jacobs Haberdashery.

If you have any questions or queries please get in touch. Norman will be more than happy to help. If you would like a post on something specific let us know, we want all our posts to be relevant and as useful as possible.

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